Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lip balm/Lip stain

I am a HUGE fan of lip products, i always end up buying loads of them every time i go makeup shopping. However lipsticks don't really attract me, lip balm/ lip stains are my thing! Because i don't like the thought of my lipstick wearing off when i eat or throughout the day, that's why i prefer lip stains because they last longer and look natural!

This blog post is about my favourite lip balm/ lip stains that i have collected over the past few months. 

Covergirl lipperfection jumbo gloss balm
I recently purchased these two gloss balms at a makeup sale that i went to, i am a big fan of Covergirl lip products so i thought i'd try these two colours.

 This is the pink gloss balm in the colour 220. It's really sheer so you have to apply a few layers to get the colour to stand out however the consistency is not as smooth as you would expect a lip balm to be.
One of the things i don't like about this product is that it dries out your lips! Other then that i really love this colour even though it's more on the purple side rather than on the pink side.

This is the red gloss balm in the colour 250. This one is also really sheer so you need to apply a few layers for the colour to show. These gloss balms are not matte, they have a shine to it which looks really pretty under the light!

ModelsPrefer moisture lust glossy lip tint

I got these two products start of this year and i absolutely love them as you can see! The texture is really creamy and is easy to apply without using any lipbalm. These lip tints are really moisturising so you don't have to worry about your lips drying out throughout the day. They're also long lasting, i only need to touch up once throughout the day or sometimes not even once!

The purple one in the colour 0713 Black Cherry is not as opaque as i thought it would be, you really need to apply a few layers for the colour to show whereas the red one is really opaque and only need to apply one layer!

Boe Beauty jumbo wind up lips

 This is one of my most favourite nude lip products that i own! It was only $2 in Big W and the colour is just perfect.
I purchased this last year just to use on top of one of my nude lipsticks but it's so opaque that you don't even need to use any lipstick under it!

Thisi lip balm is in the colour #22 Boudoir Pink. It's really creamy and applies perfectly. It has a pinkish tone to it which gives it a little bit of colour rather than washing it out.

Maxfactor colour elixer giant pen stick

This colour is the perfect nude/pink in my opinion. It is so creamy and applies on really smooth compared to the Covergirl gloss balms.
I highly recommend this product as it is affordable and worth the price!

This is in the colour Couture Blush 10. It is extremely pigmented and makes your lips look plump without using any lipliner! It is one of my most favourite lip products so far.

So this is my review on my favourite lip balm/ lip stains. I really hope you enjoyed reading through my blogpost. I will be posting more often as i am on holidays and will be posting nail art tutorials!

If you have any suggestions or requests, you can post a comment below and i will get back to you as soon as possible :)

Thank you! xx